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Pamper your hair and scalp with this luxurious hair purifying shampoo. Made with raw and active plant ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

This clarifying shampoo formula strengthens and protects the hair leaving it soft and full of body.

Key Ingredients
Rosemary, Spearmint, Chrysanthemum

Recommended for
Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination


  • 300 ml
  • 1000 ml
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Does your scalp still feel itchy just an hour after hair wash?

This hair purifying shampoo is specially formulated for oily scalp and is suitable for daily use. Made with raw and active plant ingredients and 100% pure essential oils, This hair clarifying and hair purifying shampoo strengthens and protects the hair leaving it soft and full of body. Free from Sulphate, Paraben, Petrochemicals, Synthetic fragrance and artificial colouring.

Experience the addiction to a clean and soothing sensation on your scalp

Ease the itching of scalp

100% pure essential oils from plants

Powerful yet gentle on scalp

Beyond Stimulating

Hair growth due to its cellular regenerative ability, soothes dry or itchy scalp.


Scientifically proven to possess hair growth activity and used as treatment.

By certified hair care professional, a detailed hair & scalp analysis. To understand the current scalp condition,lifestyle habits, and environmental factors and hair growth treatment. Also, to determine the root causes of hair loss, and provide a customised hair loss treatment plan.

Developed by our trichologists to identify the most ideal hair growth treatment for the hair loss condition. We’ve a 4-Phase professional treatment, Retern Tricho-Blend®

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To remove deeply embedded impurities within pores, and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. Tricho-Blend® Deeptox allows regeneration of hair from the roots

To awaken the dull, tired scalp, and nourish the hair follicles. Tricho-Blend® Nuhair maximises the absorption of the Tricho-Blend® essences in the treatment

To help strengthen the tissues within hair follicles and enhance the scalp’s immunity system. Tricho-Blend® Power Antioxidant CM+ contains strong anti-oxidant properties

“Using Nature’s most powerful ingredients, each formulation is clinically engineered for maximum potency and efficacy to target, repair and rejuvenate your hair from within”

Key Ingredients

Free from harsh chemicals like sulphate, parabens and synthetic fragrances – gentle to even the baby skin

Hair Treatment

Rosemary Beyond stimulating hair growth due to its cellular regenerative bility, rosemary essential oil is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff. It also soothes dry or itchy scalp.

Hair Treatment Singapore

Spearmint Naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial nature, making it an effective treatment for certain scalp conditions including dandruff. The cooling menthol also makes it an excellent remedy for itching and dryness.


Chrysanthemum The natural anti-inflammatory medicine has been scientifically proven to possess hair growth activity and used as treatment for hair loss.

Additional information

How to use

Distribute hair purifying shampoo on wet hair & emulsify. Lather further to get a richer form. Rinse off & repeat to do a double cleansing for a thorough shampoo experience  for 10 minutes.


Rosemary Extracts help to refresh the scalp by controlling oiliness naturally. Spearmint is able to soothe the inflamed scalp. Chrysanthemum contains antiseptic properties to aid in the healing scalp inflammation.

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