Herbal solutions has been used throughout the ages by mankind as a source of healing. It was the native people from countries all around the world that discovered that plants found in their surroundings could be put to good use in hair and scalp treatment.

Our RETERN’s professionals learnt exactly which premium grade botanicals could be used to heal the hair and scalp problems. This was not a simple task, it was a system of trial and error that could sometimes result in delaying the problems, but in most cases it result in visible success.

Ever since these Research period, our Trichologists and herbalists have systematically worked towards diagnosing people and have attempted to find appropriate herbs that can be used to treat the hair loss and thinning hair suffered by the these people.

This search for a system and treatment has by no means been a quick process. It has taken years of observation and gathering of clinical knowledge. In today’s practice of hair and scalp treatment we still take into account the people’s findings and beliefs from thousands of year ago.