Clays are a natural source of all the benefial minerals contained in a living organism. They have been used by all living creatures to cope with various health problems since 4000 years ago. Animals especially Macaw eat and roll in them instinctively when they are sick, or even when healthy – in order to remain healthy. Using clay therapy helps for restoration of health and vitality, as well as in hair and beauty treatments -for rejuvenation, detox, nourish and healing.

All clays are a mix of minerals, in varying proportions. Aqua and Herbal  Extract activates clays by creating cations and anions (positive and negative ions), which in turn interact with various surrounding particles, including toxins, neutralising them through a process called cation (or ion) exchange. Another way clays neutralise toxins is through absorption – illite and kaolin clays have a higher ability to absorb toxins and impurities than other clays.

It contains a variety of minerals and salts including calcium, potassium, dolomite, magnesium, silica, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, copper, and selenium. These elements are essential in producing body enzymes which enhance the production of enzymes in our hair and scalp. They are rich in important minerals and phyto-nutrients.