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About Us

Retern Tricho-Blend

Uniquely Founded by Trichologists & Herbalists


● Someone who is looking for a permanent solution to return to their optimal hair health.

● Someone who knows a quality brand, product and service when they see one.

Who we are
RETERN is founded by a group of globally- recognized hair care professionals whose experience spanned across decades - searching for advanced solutions targeted at addressing the rarest of hair problems.

How we started

We believe that the cause of hair and scalp problems varies amongst individuals - dependant on factors such as age, lifestyle, and one’s immunity. As a result, most hair products would typically fail as they are not targeted towards the needs of the affected individual. This is why we came up with Tricho-Blend® - a bespoke hair solution derived from scientifically-proven herbology which is able to target and address even the rarest of hair concerns. But over time, we realize that even then - there exists a gap in the market between bespoke solutions and an easy-to-use but highly efficacious and potent hair care product to address common hair concerns. So, we came up with our own: a bespoke, efficacious range which everyone can use through the comfort of their homes.

Our beliefs

We believe
that there is a better solution to existing hair products and solutions, one which is clinically engineered by a team of trichologists using breakthrough science and technologies, made without any of the harsh chemicals.

We believe
that Nature has everything we need and we only need to unlock that to return to our fullest potential.

We believe
that everyone deserves to look their best and that quality, potent and efficacious products can be made available to everyone, without a hefty price tag.

“The RETERN’s R&D team, when asked what insprired them most about custom-blend hair solutions, answered: ‘Each person’s hair and concern are unique. There are no two people who have hair and scalp problems are caused by the same factor… so in dealing with clients, you try not to fit them to a same solution which they might need it differently’, this make us want to blend a hair solution, most appropriate to treat your hair problems, on the spot”.