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Tricho-Blend® Signature Deeptox Therapy goes beyond
the symptoms that our eyes can see, targeting at the root
cause of hair loss for a permanent solution.

What is Tricho-Blend®?

Tricho-Blend® Signature Deeptox Therapy is our best selling signature therapy for a pure clarification and refreshing experience for your scalp. It goes beyond the symptoms that our eyes can see, targeting at the root cause of hair loss for a permanent solution.
Using nature’s most powerful ingredients, each formulation used in Tricho-Blend® Signature Deeptox Therapy is clinically engineered for maximum potency and efficacy to target, repair and rejuvenate your hair and scalp from within— an effective solution to target the root cause of all problems.


Deeptox and Cleanse Scalp, Unclog Hair Follicles,Reduce Scalp Inflammation, Relief Itchy Scalp, Remove Deeply Imbedded Impurities Within Pores.

4 Phase Treatment Approach

Our Methodolgy treatment approach developed by our Trichologist


Detoxify unhealthy follicles and deep cleansing of scalp

restore newnew


Restore scalp into its optimal condition for healthy hair growth

regrowth newnew


Maximum treatment efficiency for the scalp to promote hair growth

boosting newnew


Boosting of hair growth into denser, thicker and darker hair follicles

Identify Hair & Scalp Problems

We specialise in different treatments addressing a wide range of scalp concerns. With an accurate scalp analysis, we will begin to know the core factors that cause you to have the problems.
Hair is very sensitive to body imbalance due to its fast rate of growth. It means hair fall can simply follow the mildest body imbalance, stress, daily hygiene, diet, unhealthy life, and medical issues.
Through the professional hair analysis, we will look into the client’s daily routine, diet, and health condition. Thereafter, an advanced hair analyser equipment will further evaluate the scalp and conduct an in-depth hair analysis to find out the causes of hair problems. With the results, our hair specialists will tailor a hair treatment whichever most effective for the client.

Hair & Scalp diagnostic

To identify the type of hair issues and analyes the source of the problem
How can Retern Tricho-Blend help?
By certified hair care professional, a detailed hair & scalp analysis. To understand the current scalp condition, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. Also, to determine the root causes of hair loss, and provide a customised treatment plan.
Developed by our trichologists to identify the most ideal treatment for the hair loss condition. We’ve a 4-Phase professional treatment, Retern Tricho-Blend®
To remove deeply embedded impurities within pores, and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. Tricho-Blend® Deeptox allows regeneration of hair from the roots.
To awaken the dull, tired scalp, and nourish the hair follicles. Tricho-Blend® Nuhair maximises the absorption of the Tricho-Blend® essences in the treatment.
To help strengthen the tissues within hair follicles and enhance the scalp’s immunity system. Tricho-Blend® Power Antioxidant CM+ contains strong anti-oxidant properties.
hair fall shampoo
By our specialist for each individual to use at home for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. We’ve a customised Daily Intensive Regime hair care routine.