Using nature’s most powerful ingredients, each formulation is clinically engineered for maximum potency and efficacy.Contact

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    Clinical Formulations Powered by Nature

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    By certified hair care professional, a detailed hair & scalp analysis. To understand the current scalp condition, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors. Also, to determine the root causes of hair loss, and provide a customised treatment plan.

    Developed by our trichologists to identify the most ideal treatment for the hair loss condition. We’ve a 4-Phase professional treatment, Retern Tricho-Blend®

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    Contact To remove deeply embedded impurities within pores, and reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. Tricho-Blend® Deeptox allows regeneration of hair from the roots

    To awaken the dull, tired scalp, and nourish the hair follicles.clinically Tricho-Blend® Nuhair maximises the absorption of the Tricho-Blend® essences in the treatment Contact

    To help strengthen the tissues within hair follicles and enhance the scalp’s immunity system. Tricho-Blend® Power Antioxidant CM+ contains strong anti-oxidant properties Contact

    By our specialist for each individual to use at home for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. We’ve a customised Daily Intensive Regime hair care routine.clinically Contact