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A bespoke clinical formulation made with the most powerful ingredients from Nature that is clinically engineered by certified Trichologists and Herbalists to go above and beyond what your eyes can see. Most of us only register the symptoms ( hair loss, scalp infections, dandruff, dry hair, thinning hair, greying hair etc) when they do occur.


But what of the root cause? Like a headache can be caused by a variety of different reasons, hair and scalp problems also have differing root cause for different individuals. Without eliminating the root cause, it will just be like taking aspirin to treat your re-occuring headache - only temporarily getting rid of the symptom when your body is trying to send you a signal to a bigger problem instead.


This is why Retern's Tricho-Blend™ gives you breakthrough formulas that has been validated by certified Trichologists and Herbalists through years of reasearch and studies, to provide you with a permanent solution to any and all of your prevailing hair and scalp concerns because only by targeting your own individual root cause that is unique to you, can you permanently get rid of your hair and scalp 'headache'. Enquire with our professionals now to get your Tricho-Blend™ customisation.



  • Astrigent Properties
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Decrease Allergies
  • Antioxidant Properties






Blend into Masque or Tonic according to ReternTricho-Blend™ Protocol. Please visit Trichology Center or Aesthetic Center to consult from Professional or Certifiend Trichologist.