1. An establishment providing Permanent Solutions to return
clients to their optimal hair health.
2.An establishment that knows a quality brand, product and
service when they see one.

“Your hair is like flowers,
care and nourishment
will make it bloom.”

- unknown

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Who We Are

For more than 10 years we have dedicated our research and our competencies towards Hair and Scalp wellness. With our dedication, efforts and our client's devotion to our recommended personalised regime towards their hair and scalp issues; we have over 2,000 of our clients witnessing improvement after their consistent treatments.
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Founder of RETERN

Retern is led by Ms Carienne Hew, a certified Trichologist with more than 20 years of experience providing natural, effective and permanent solutions to diverse hair and scalp problem individuals are facing and to improve their wellness along with it. She strongly believed that the cause of hair and scalp problems varies amongst individuals – depending on factors, such as age, lifestyle, and one’s immunity.
Not only did she promote nature-based products; she fused Western and traditional Eastern technique and created their Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy to promote wellness and healthier hair growth.
With stringent evaluation and extensive clinical R&D, Tricho-Blend® is born. A bespoke hair solution derived from scientifically proven herbology. It can target and address even the rarest of hair concerns.

Our Mission

RETERN isn’t just our name. It is our commitment to permanently return your hair and scalp to optimal health. However, not only do we want to treat your hair and scalp problem, but we also want to be able to improve your overall wellness in the process.
We believe that scalp problems are also linked to wellness habits and by adjusting your habits we will be able to create a permanent solution and in return- a healthier you. We use ingredients extracted from Nature itself (eg. North American Herbal Extracts) in our treatment and our products because at the end of the day your health is our primary mission.

Our Vision

To be the desired place for hair and scalp wellness where customers will feel comfortable enough to share their emotional and psychological concerns so that we will be able to heal them from the inside out leaving them exiting our Salon shining with confidence and feeling healthier in the long run.

Our Core Values

Discover what are our principle perspectives that
guide our organization towards service excellence.

RETERN has extremely stringent requirements for our Hair Consultants and Therapists.

All our therapists are Internationally Certified as Hair Practitioners trained by accomplished Trichologists and are required to pass their international certification to become qualified Hair Consultant.

Our professional consultants are competent to analyze customer hair loss problems and individual needs. They specialize in designing a holistic haircare treatment plan for each client.

In addition, we also create a caring culture that emphasizes compassion and empathy to appease customers’ emotional and psychological concerns.



There is an old saying, a man is only as good as his tools. Our R & D department strives for customer satisfaction excellence in selecting product ingredients that are proven effective and of premium quality.

We design our products from all aspects of trichology, herbalism, ingredient quality, effectiveness reports and more to achieve a product resulting in the finest of quality. Excellent product quality is the ultimate priority, and their price tag is secondary.

RETERN’s TRICHO-BLEND system is amazing. This hair care system not only addresses the signs of hair loss and scalp condition but also emphasizes the root cause of the hair and scalp problems of our clients. The results lead to an individualized treatment that is prescribed by our professional hair consultants.


In Retern, we help our customers achieve beyond just hair growth. The treatment method used in RETERN HAIR AND SCALP INSTITUTE is a combination of 3 different aspects.

1) The fusion of Chinese healing medicine principles and the trichology study of western scalp studies

2) The concept of hairdressing and style

3) and the concept of zen and overall wellness relaxation.

This fusion method can achieve a great therapeutic effect, relaxing the body, mind and soul, it also restores the individual’s crowning glory and confidence.

This is what we consider a 3-in-1 great result.

Therapy skills
& techniques